Beginner's Guide to Tadhana Slots

For every explorer of the fun and unexpected world of online casino games, there will always be a moment of thrilling discovery coming across something new for the first time. It could be a game from another part of the world, or a slightly different version from one that you’re already familiar with.

In that spirit, today might be the first time that many are stumbling upon Tadhana Slots, a mobile game app made for beginners. To you, we say welcome! And in equal measure, take heed.

We know it’s tempting to jump straight in at the first sight of something shiny and new but we’re here to tell you that it’s always best to do your due diligence in understanding a game, what it has to offer, and what lies in store for you. Let us be your humble beginner’s guide to the Tadhana Slots app.

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About Tadhana Slots

Tadhana Slots is a free mobile app that offers various casual games, including a vast array of video slot games. Fun fact: Its interesting variety of games has already garnered more than 1 million downloads on Google Play Store! That’s more than 1 million devices equipped to keep users from all walks of life entertained with fun diversions for the discerning player.

Brought to you by the developer, ODT based in Bandung, Indonesia, the app is currently only available for Android devices but keep an eye out for future availability on iOS devices because the app is being actively updated.

Tadhana Slots games

In short, Tadhana Slots is a great app for beginners who are just dipping their toes into the world of online games. From the game design to audio-visual style, from money matters to security features, the app has measures in place to guide new players on a safe exploration of casino apps with minimal risks. Allow us to elucidate:

Game design

The games that Tadhana Slots offers are straightforward and have mechanics that are easy to grasp. These include simple platformer and jumping games where you control a character to hop ever upwards to collect fruits or coins while avoiding danger, enemies, and attacks.

There are also tons of video slot games on offer, all of which you play by simply selecting paylines and spinning with the press of a button. Everything else is automated for you. It is this kind of simple and fuss-free gameplay that makes this app ideal for casual playing. There’s very little guesswork involved, if any at all, and the skills required are achievable for entry-level players.

Audio-visual style

The graphics and audio of a game shapes our first impression of an app. It’s the first thing that we notice and it’s what we use to evaluate if the game is worth investing our time in. If we’re going to be spending hours of our day looking at the app, we would want to enjoy visually-appealing aesthetics and engaging sound that can draw us into an immersive gaming experience.

That’s where Tadhana Slots delivers with high-quality visuals and sound effects. Some game graphics harken back to the era of retro arcades in the style of coin-operated games. On the other hand, the slot games are designed in sharp polished styles that bring the vibes of sleek modern-day casinos to the palm of your hand.

Money matters

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The app itself is free to download and some games require no payment at all to play. The only times you do need to make a purchase are buying credits to play the slot games and there’s where the fun lies! As with any other slot game app, playing Tadhana Slots does involve some aspects of betting. However, unlike conventional casino game apps, you will not be gambling with real money as the game does not allow real money deposits. Instead of real cash, players purchase in-game currency to buy spins on slot games, and stand the chance to win in-game prizes. Additionally, Tadhana Slots does not allow money withdrawals of deposits made or any prizes and rewards. 

Not gambling with real money right away helps beginners to get an overview of how much investment will be involved. Having the additional step of converting your cash into credits gives players time to decide a reasonable amount to put into your entertainment.

Security features

The app’s content rating is rated for ages 18 years and above. This is a protection measure for international users as the law regarding wagering in many countries requires players to be at least 18 years of age. This also gives parents and adults who are monitoring the mobile device a good idea of whether the app is suitable for children or minors.

In the Google Play Store page, the developers assure us that no personal data is even collected in the app and whatever information that you input into the game is not shared with any third parties. This ensures that your private details will never be leaked to anybody that you did not choose to share with.

Furthermore, ODT states that your data in the app is encrypted and transferred over a secure connection. Finally, if you want to remove any traces of your activity on the app, you can request that your data be deleted entirely once and for all for total and complete privacy. The decision remains firmly in your hands.

Not allowing withdrawals also prevents hackers from stealing players’ money. If you ever require assistance from the developer, they also provide an email address to contact for support.

Playing Tadhana Slots

Now that you have a better idea of what Tadhana Slots is all about and why it’s a good jumping off point for new players, here are the steps to get you started on playing!

  1. Download and install Tadhana Slots from Google Play Store using an Android device.
  2. Launch the app and register or create an account with a valid email address and password. To activate the account, click on the confirmation email.
  3. Learn to play by exploring the free games first. Consider depositing money only after getting comfortable with the game.
  4. Tap the “Store” button and select the amount of the in-game currency Tadhana Coins that you want to buy. Consider setting a fixed budget for yourself before purchasing. Payment methods include: Credit cards, debit cards, Google Play wallet, and PayPal.
  5. Select the slot machine you would like to play. The cost of Tadhana Coin per spin depends on the machine and paylines that you choose.


This article is the first step to find out the right casino game for you because it’s important to do your research and understand what you’re putting your money into. If you are looking for a casual, simple, and relaxing game that you can play easily from your mobile device, then Thadhana Slots could check all your boxes. Beginners, play away!

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100% First Deposit Bonus 1000 PHP

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Refer A friend and get Free 250 PHP for you and A friend