How to Play Bingo Plus in GCash

As the leading mobile payment service in the Philippines, GCash is known to be more than just a virtual wallet. It’s really no surprise then that GCash also partners with pioneering vendors such as Bingo Plus, the Philippines’ first live streaming bingo game. They offer one of the most popular online casino games in the  beautiful island nation: Bingo!

This article will let you know all about the apps, the steps of how to play Bingo Plus in GCash, and the reasons why it’s among the best ways to enjoy bingo on mobile. Let’s dive in and see if Bingo Plus is the right online casino game for you.

What is bingo?

Before we get into how to play Bingo Plus, let’s get familiar with the game of bingo.

Bingo is a luck-based game where players match numbers in different arrangements on cards to numbers randomly drawn by a caller. Players compete to be the fastest person to mark off their numbers in a specific configuration and win the game by calling out “Bingo!” to indicate they have a winning card.

Traditionally, arrangements in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines are accepted. However, modern bingo games have evolved to accept nearly unlimited patterns for play. If you want to master the game, be sure to learn more about bingo patterns to help you decide on the types of modes and cards to select.

The game of bingo is a time-honored fiesta pastime in the barrios of the Philippines. In fact, it was so well-loved that it was even televised in the Pinoy Bingo Night programme in 2009. Due to the game’s popularity, PACGOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) sponsored the first electronically-linked bingo game in 2013, played simultaneously via video conferencing across different branches of the Casino Filipino. This was a precursor that would hint at the success of online bingo games. Bingo remains a favorite used for charity fundraising by many organizations in the country.

What is Bingo Plus?

Now that you are clear about the game of bingo, let’s see what Bingo Plus is all about.

Bingo Plus is a legal bingo e-gaming site that offers jackpot prizes, licensed by the afore-mentioned PAGCOR. It is the first and only live streaming bingo in the Philippines. Beyond bingo, Bingo Plus also offers other online casino games like slot machines and poker.

In their live streams, Bingo Plus endeavors to create the shared camaraderie of a lively bingo hall environment. So, bingo enthusiasts can actually banter in real-time with presenters and fellow players, building a friendly and supportive community of like-minded buddies that are equally happy when anyone wins.

Experience the true essence of the fun and unforgettable gaming experience of how to play Bingo Plus by accessing the platform via their website, mobile app, and GCash. Read on to find out exactly how.

What is GCash?

Launched in 2012, the GCash mobile application was designed to meet digital cashless payment demands. Since then, the app has become widely accepted at physical retail stores, for offline and online services, and at events across the Philippines.

Its GLife hub strives to meet all your lifestyle needs by connecting you with mini apps from various brands and merchants, including today’s most indispensable entertainment, online games. So if you’re in the market for a quick game of bingo, GCash truly makes how to play Bingo Plus a complete breeze.

How to play Bingo Plus on GCash

To play Bingo Plus in GCash, simply follow these few easy steps:

  1. In the GCash app, tap on GLife.
  2. Open the Games category or search for Bingo Plus, then select Bingo Plus from the list of games.
  3. Create a Bingo Plus account. Agree to opt-in for the OTP and complete the registration process. The Bingo Plus page can only be accessed after registration.

Important note: Your mobile number in Bingo Plus must not be registered outside of GCash. You cannot access the same account if you have already created it in the Bingo Plus website or app using the same mobile number.

Your GCash account should also be verified. This is to ensure that your account cannot be accessed by non-authorised users impersonating your identity.

  1. Deposit money to play Bingo Plus from your GCash wallet.
  2. Tap on “Play Game” to open the Bingo Plus mobile site using the browser of your choice.
  3. In the Bingo category, choose a game mode.
  4. Set the number of random cards or your favourite Bingo cards to play.
  5. Make the payment using the credits you have deposited from GCash.
  6. Cards are marked automatically, so watch the Bingo numbers being presented live and enjoy!

Is playing Bingo Plus in GCash safe?

The Philippines has an excellent system for ensuring players can enjoy online casino games worry-free. The legality for online gambling are clearly ensured by comprehensive laws and regulations, fronted by one of the world’s preeminent regulatory authorities, PAGCOR that not only authorizes local casino games but is also internationally recognized to accredit online casinos around the world.

In addition to adhering to the PAGCOR’s strict guidelines, the GCash wallet comes with safety controls like security PIN and identity verification. Rest assured that Bingo Plus also puts in place security measures to protect their users. App users must be in the Philippines and over 21 years old. There are self-limits within the app, such as the separation of Bingo Plus credits from your GCash wallet. You can keep track of your remaining credits displayed at the bottom of the screen, so you can always control the amount that you’d like to play with.

Remember: Always download the Bingo Plus official app from their website or credible platforms like Google Play or the iOS App Store.


That’s it! Now you know all about how to play Bingo Plus on GCash. Enjoying your favorite game of bingo on your mobile device is at your fingertips in a few simple steps. Fun, easy, and secure; surely you can worry no more and play away!

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