Mines Game Casino Review

The online gambling industry is rapidly growing and, in the process, generating massive amounts of revenue. One of the key factors behind this success is how quickly the industry is evolving. A brilliant case in point is that of the casino games – soon after the advent of online gambling, there were only RNG games, thereafter came mobile-compatible games, then live casino games and 3D games and ultimately today, there are mini curve crash casino games.

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In today’s lingo, mini curve crash casino games are the trending viral games. These games which include the much popular Aviator and JetX are available at all top online casinos. This is necessitated by the fact that there isn’t any online casino that wants to miss out on attracting multitudes of players drawn to mini-curve crash games. The latest entry to the mini curve crash games portfolio is the Mines game casino game. This game is explored in detail in this review.

An Overview of the Mines Game Casino Game

Mines game is a mini curve crash game developed by Spribe, the same developer behind the hugely popular Aviator game. Following the trend of other mini-curve crash games, the Mines game is super simple. However, its simplicity doesn’t mean that it’s a boring or banal game. Rather, the opposite is true as it’s a highly exciting and pulsating game which is super high on the suspense front.

More impressive about this game is that it’s highly enterprising and lucrative. The game’s theoretical return to player percentage (RTP) set at 97.00% demonstrates this. Another indicator of this game’s lucrativeness is the max payout pegged at 1,000x the bet. To put this into perspective, placing a $100 bet and winning the max payout means you get to walk away with a cool $100,000 payout!

Cash money

Though offering some crazy good payouts, Mines game is a low-wagering game. Players can wager with as low as 0.10 coins (cents) on each round.

Mines Game Gameplay Instructions

As a unique game, players will find that Mines game doesn’t share many features or other similarities with traditional casino games. This is a refreshingly new game which offers only some cool new features.

Upon launching the game, players will see a 5 x 5 grid which has 25 tiles in total. The first decision that players need to make once the game launches is to set the number of mines that will be on the grid. Players may pick a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 24 mines. The selected mines will be randomly placed on the grid (hidden).

Only after selecting the number of mines to be on the grid will players proceed to place their bets and start playing the game. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Play Mines Game Casino Game

  1. The first thing you need to do is to find the best and most trustworthy online casino offering the Mines game
  2. Launch the game and proceed to select the number of mines you want on the grid
  3. Place your bet to initiate the gaming session
  4. Take steps on the grid ensuring that you don’t step on a tile hiding a mine. Successfully evading tiles with mines will see you scoop some great rewards. Landing on a tile that’s hiding a mine underneath will unfortunately end the game.

Mines Game Casino Game Odds & Payouts

Among the many great attributes of the Mines game is that it comes with customizable volatility (variance level). Players determine if they want to play the game with a low volatility or with a high volatility depending on the number of mines they pick at the start of the gaming session.

When players pick a few number of mines, it means (theoretically), the probability of landing on a tile hiding a mine is low. This therefore guarantees a relatively longer gaming session for the players. When players select a low number of mines, it means they are opting for low volatility hence the potential payouts to be churned out after each successful step will be relatively low.

Inversely, selecting a high number of mines at the start of the game means that the potential of landing on a tile that’s hiding a mine will be high. In turn, this therefore means players who select a high number of mines will be opting for high volatility.

While the chance of stepping on a tile hiding a mine is high in this instance, the solace is that once players evade such a tile, they are guaranteed a relatively huge payout. More impressive is the fact that with each successful step that players make, the next payout they receive will be much greater. Players who opt for the high volatility level have a high chance of winning the max payout pegged at a whopping 1,000x the bet.

Mines Game Casino Game Bonus Rounds & Features

Mines game doesn’t have standard bonus rounds. All the action is restricted to the base game. While this is the case, it’s important to note that there are some cool features that players may take advantage of. These are as follows:

  • Autoplay Feature: The autoplay feature allows players to select the number of mines they want and the lucky tiles they want to step on. Once done, the game will automatically play by itself following the prompts provided by the player. The player thus will just see the results after the autoplay round.
  • Random Picks: When players opt for the random picks, they first need to select the number of mines they want and proceed to place their bets. Afterwards, the game will take control of everything else including determining the tiles to step on.
  • Cashout at Any Time: When playing the Mines game, players can cash out at any time. This includes even after taking just one step on the grid!

Round Up

Players ought to note that Mines game is a pure chance-based game. The outcome of every step that players take on the grid is completely random. As such, though it’s a highly exciting game to play, caution is needed to guard against problem gambling.

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