Online Sakla

Online Sakla

Gamblers from the Philippines will be happy to know that it’s now possible to play online Sakla. Without a doubt, this attention-grabbing card game has a significant impact on the culture of Filipinos. Before you learn how it works, it helps to understand what it means to the people of the Philippines. What’s this game all about, and where did it come from? How and when do Filipinos play it? Can you win real money playing Sakla? Read the rest of this article to find answers to these and other burning questions about this game.

The Origins of Sakla

Let’s delve into the origins of Sakla before we even talk about how it’s played. Various sources indicate that the game of Sakla originated in Spain. It was inspired by Spanish Tarot games that are played with tarot cards. The original Spanish version is played with decks featuring numbered trumps that are parallel to the suit cards.

Sakla as a Cultural Activity among Filipinos

The most fascinating thing about Sakla is that it’s a widely popular cultural game among the people of the Philippines. So, it’s no surprise that you’ll find groups of people playing it just for fun. But players can also take part in Sakla games to win real money besides passing time. This often happens during events that bring many people together.

One of the best times to play Sakla in the Philippines is when someone passes away. As we all know, losing a family member, friend or someone we love can be an extremely painful experience. When the inevitable happens, we need other people to comfort us and even help us take care of the bills.

In the Philippines, mourners play Sakla just to stay close to bereaved families. They can play the game for the longest time possible in order to be readily available if the affected individuals need a helping hand. During gameplay, people can tell stories and hopefully forget about what happened for a moment.

The interesting part is that Sakla games at wakes and other similar gatherings are not for entertainment purposes only. Players can place bets and eventually win some money. At the end of the day, the family of the deceased person gets a share of the amount of money collected from the game. And that’s certainly a great way to honour the dead.

How to Play

Whether you are playing online Sakla or at physical gatherings, you need to know the basics. As with all card games, it’s important to understand what each card or combination of cards stands for.

One way to learn how to play Sakla is to attend meetings where the game is most likely to be played. This option might work well for you if you are physically located in the Philippines or close to someone who knows how to play it. Don’t worry if that’s not possible because you are about to learn more about the game in the following sections.

Playing Cards and Game Rules

You’ll need some playing cards to take part in a game of Sakla online or offline. The first thing you ought to know is that this game is played with one deck of cards which is different with the Chinese Poker rules. On top of that, all 8s and 9s are removed from the deck. This means you will have 4 suits with three pictures, the jack, the horse and the king.

The four suits included in the deck of cards are swords, clubs, coins and cups. These feature the number 1 to 9. Also, the horse, the king and the jack display the numbers 10 to 12. Another noteworthy feature is that the suits have borders with breaks except for the coins. What’s more, the standard Sakla game board features five combinations for the four suits, so players can choose from 20 possible combinations.


If you’ve never played online Sakla before, you’ll soon realise that it’s one of the easiest games to play. The key to winning is to be aware of the possible combinations of cards. Unlike other card games, you don’t have to engage in a lot of training to start playing.

The first step is to know the pairings you must form to land a winning combo. These include combinations such as King and Ace, Horse and Jack, Four and Five, Six and Seven and Two and Three. The first combination to appear when the dealer starts drawing the cards becomes the winning combination for that round.

When playing a Sakla game online, the dealer will first ask players to place their bets. The dealer will then begin the game by shuffling the cards. This is a common practice meant to make sure that the game is fair enough. Once the cards are perfectly shuffled, the dealer will then reveal one card after the other. The main objective of doing this is to find a matching combo that will act as the winning combination.

Note that you can place different amounts of bets on various combos until you place the maximum bet set by the casino operator. If you get lucky, the standard payout rate in Sakla games is 1 to 18.

Where to Play Online Sakla

The truth is that online Sakla is not as popular as online slots, table games and other games at gambling sites. So, only a few casinos offer online Sakla games at the moment. One noteworthy option is if you wish to join the party right now.

If you’ve played online casino games for real money, you know that the first step is to sign up. You need to create your player account and even set up a payment method for depositing and withdrawing money.

Online card games like Sakla and poker are usually played in rooms. Therefore, you need to choose your favourite room and join to start playing. That’s it! Be sure to visit a casino or local gathering in the Philippines if you wish to enjoy a game of Sakla. If that’s not possible, simply visit online Sakla sites or any other online casino Philippines to play on your PC or mobile device wherever you are. Good luck and remember to play responsibly.

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