Pusoy Card Game: How to Play and Win

pusoy card game

Pusoy is an all-time favorite card game among the casino enthusiasts. You can enjoy it for long since it is fun and pleasurable.

Pusoy card game is enjoyed worldwide, especially Philippines. The game can be enjoyed by two, three, or four people. Every enthusiast in this game receives 13 cards. The ultimate goal of the Pusoy is for a participant to play his cards and discard them.

Are you lacking Pusoy gaming skills? Read our review to learn how to play Pusoy card game and win.

How to play Pusoy card game

To appreciate Pusoy card game, you must be skilled with suit and the card order. However, don’t be bothered, we’ve created a comprehensive description of Pusoy card game rules and guidelines. The ultimate goal is very simple – just be the first participant to discard all their playing cards.

The Pusoy game is performed in several rounds of play. Here, the first person to discard all their cards is crowned the champion of the round. The champion become the first person to play in the following round. And, the play goes like that till that gamer won all the other rounds.

Pusoy game is a casino activity that operates with levels where participants play certain number of cards that ranks the same with cards that were previously used in gaming. A card set of four twos is the best level, next comes a group of four aces, then set of four kings, and other card sets. Furthermore, the Pusoy game lets participants employ special card combos to defeat opponents during the play. Such card combinations are full houses, straight flushes, and flushes.

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Suit order

The suit order always run from topmost level to the lowest. Listed below is the order from highest to the least.

  • Diamonds
  • Hearts
  • Spades
  • Clubs

Card order

pusoy games guide

The card combos usually make you the champion at the Pusoy card game. Some of the card combinations include:


It comprised of single playing cards from the 52-deck card holder. The best single card in Pusoy game is the second of diamonds. On the other hand, the least one is the third of clubs.


They’re commonly referred to as two-of-a-kind. Doubles are made up of two cards with the same level. A double of threes is the least double. On the other hand, a pair with three diamonds is the superior one.


They’re commonly referred to as three-of-a-kind. Triples are made up of three cards with the same level. A triple of 2s’ (2,2,2) is the superior card combo. On the other hand, a triple of 3s (3,3,3) is least one.

Five cards

This card combo is usually made up of five random playing cards. Below is a thorough detail of this card combination.


Here, you’ll find 5 consecutive single playing cards. They include 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. The suitable combination is made up of 10, J, Q, K, and A. On the other hand, the least combo is comprised of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. If two participants pick that ranks the same, for example a card ending with digit 6. The topmost straight is the 6 of diamonds.


This is a combo of randomly five cards within the same suit. The superior one is referred to as a diamond flush whereas the lowest is referred to as a club flush. If a participant gets two card combinations from the same suit, the combo that appears to have superior highest singles is the higher one.

Full house

This is five-card combinations that is composed of a double and triple. For instance, 3, 3, 3, Q, Q. Here ranking is determined by the number of triples collected. The greatest full house combo is a triple of 2, 2, 2 whereas the least full house combinations is a triple of 3, 3.


These card combos also referred to as four-of-a-kind. Quads is made up of 4 playing cards and a single. For instance, K, K, K, K, 3. The lowest and highest level is determined by the quads. Here, flush of 2, 2, 2, 2, and a single playing card forms the highest combinations. On the other hand, the least is a flush of 3, 3, 3, 3, and single playing card.

Straight flush

Straight flush is made up of 5 consecutive playing cards within the same suit. The superior straight flush consists of A, K, Q, J, and 10. On the other hand, the least one is made up of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. In the superior combination, the highest is the diamond flush. When a gamer possesses 2 flushes of the same suit, the greatest single playing card in that round determines who will win.

Dealing and playing

When engaging in the Pusoy card game, the dealer must apply tactics while shuffling the deck holding cards. The dealer should give out a single card at a time to the opponents. The process is repeated in a clockwise manner till all participants gets 13 cards each.


The gamer with least card combinations plays first. Pusoy is simple card game since it can be enjoyed with single, double, triple, and even five-card combination.

The gaming cards are always put at the middle of playing table facing up.


The opponent to your left side is the one who follows you during the play. Implying that the Pusoy card game is enjoyed in a clockwise way.

Dropping a card

In case you wish to drop a playing card, you’re free to do so when your turn comes. Worth noting that your card combination must be superior compared to the card combination played by your opponent.


When you lack superior card on your hand or you wish to keep it for the next round, you’re free to pass. Your turn is automatically passed to the next participant.

Winning and scoring

The first participant to discard all their playing cards become the champion and the game ends. However, in a few of Pusoy game variants, the plays continue till a participant gets cards. The champion gets 1 point while the losers scoop nothing. on the other hand, when Pusoy is enjoyed until a participant gets cards, the champion goes home with 5 points. The second winner gets 3 points, and the third obtain 1 point.

Pusoy game online

A plus side is that you can enjoy this fun and exciting card game with your phone or desktop online. Likewise, there is Pusoy downloadable software. The Pusoy app comes with all features and similar rules like those in land-based venues.


Pusoy is a widely played card game in the Philippines casino world. As previously mentioned, the game is enjoyed with 52-deck holding cards, with participants dealt with 13 cards each. Pusoy origin is still in question but studies say Philippines is where the game has its roots. The Pusoy card game was heavily enjoyed by many Filipinos and it later spreads to other parts of the universe. What’s more there’s comprehensive documentation to learn Pusoy game.

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