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MCW Affiliates Philippines


With just a little commitment to learning and understanding our partnership programs, you will become a master of our operational process in no time at all.

For more on our Affiliate Program, please refer to the information provided below: 


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The MCW Affiliates Program will be a form of relationship building and strategic cooperation between you and MCW.

This Affiliate Program will be a mutually beneficial cooperation effort whereby you receive compensation for referring punters to MCW. We will reward you with dividends for your efforts in referring new customers to us.

These dividends are a percentage of the wagers placed on sporting events and casino games by each new player you refer to us. The beauty of our Affiliate Program is that you continually earn dividends on all your referrals as long as they continue to place bets on our sportsbook and online casino gambling games.

As you refer new punters to us and as we welcome them into the MCW family, you can expect to earn more profits as they continue to wager on casino games and sports betting events.


The first thing you need to do in your journey to make money with us in our Affiliate Program is to indicate your interest in joining the program and becoming our affiliate partner.

When you get in touch with us, you will be provided with an online application form. Fill out this application form by providing only accurate information. We are prompt in approving submitted applications, provided they are complete with all the needed information. 

If your submitted application form is complete with accurate personal details, we will approve you, given you are an affiliate partnership account.

Note that your Affiliate Program partnership account is free of charge. Once you get this account on, you need to log in to your account on our user-friendly Partner Interface, and you will be ready for business.

Every approved affiliate partner is assigned a unique code specific to each partner. This unique code distinguishes all the punters you can refer to MCW from players referred by other affiliate partners.


Typically, you are expected to build a website from which you can benefit from our Affiliate Program. The unique code assigned to you will be reflected on this website. When you receive visitors to your site, you refer them to our website, and each punter referred to us from your constructed site is noted. You will earn your dividend as soon as these punters register with us and start wagering on casino games or live sporting events on the MCW website.

It is worth noting that not every Affiliate Partner owns and operates our Affiliate Program through a website. However, most Affiliate Programs operate through this means. You will be expected to design your website, reach out and attract potential players, and then divert them to Mega Casino World using your unique code.  You can use a variety of marketing and promotional tools to attract punters to your affiliate website, including direct emailing, ads, promos, etc.

Please Note: You should not send emails to members without first obtaining their consent. Failure to get members’ permission before sending them emails would result in your MCW affiliate account termination, and any dividend you have previously earned will be forfeited.


Our affiliate partners can log in to our website to view their dividends and the number of punters they have referred to us to date.


MCW offers many online betting brands such as and others that provide punters with a top-notch gaming experience. We deliver professional iGaming products to meet the needs of all categories of sports betting and casino players. Our brands have earned a trustworthy reputation as highly secure iGaming platforms offering attractive bonuses and promotions.

Our proactive, well-structured marketing program ensures that we are on the same page as our clients who trust us. We completely value the time and efforts of all our affiliates, and we give a 100% commitment to cooperate and facilitate them when required. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity – be sure to sign up for affiliates at and join us in our success story! Read more about Mega Casino World Philippines here:

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100% First Deposit Bonus 1000 PHP

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Refer A friend and get Free 250 PHP for you and A friend