Monopoly Live Casino Game

Game developers are always planning and plotting how to come up with the next best casino game. Some simply choose to come up with new games that usher in refreshingly new features and tools. However, others are more concerned with revamping and beefing up games which are already on the market. One such innovative game which emerged after the revamping of an older game is the Evolution Gaming powered, Monopoly Live casino game.

All the Ins and Outs of the Monopoly Live Casino Game

Monopoly Live casino game is a relatively new game. This game was released in 2019 but has already cemented its place as one of the all-time greats in the live casino games industry. The game (officially) comes from the Evolution Gaming stable but players ought to note that Evolution Gaming enlisted the services of Hasbro in designing the game. It’s safe to say therefore that Monopoly Live casino game came about thanks to the collaboration between two of the leading game developers in the gaming industry.

Monopoly board

While it goes by the name Monopoly Live casino game, players ought to note that upon launching the game, they won’t see any Monopoly board game or associated features/tools. Rather, a roulette-like vertical wheel pops up. Standing beside the wheel is the host while the section beneath the wheel is reserved for the betting layout table and some associated navigation buttons.

The roulette-like wheel which appears at first is the default main game. It is also known as the money wheel game. The objective at the start of the game is to bet on any one of the 54 segments on the money wheel. Of the 54 segments, some come with numeric values (1, 2, 5, 10) while others come with bonus feature values (2 rolls or 4 rolls).

When players bet for a numeric value and their bet is successful, they will win a monetary payout (current bet multiplied by the numeric value won). However, if players bet for any of the bonus feature values and their bet is successful, they trigger the corresponding bonus round and get to play the (Monopoly) bonus game. The bonus game plays just like the standard Monopoly board game which players have enjoyed for many years.

In essence, therefore, the Monopoly Live casino game is a fusion of two games, the Monopoly board game and roulette.

Monopoly Live Casino Game Graphics & Aesthetics

Soon after its release, Monopoly Live casino game quickly gained traction amongst casino players and to this day, it still ranks as one of the go-to live casino game for many. While there is a plethora of factors that explain the popularity of this game, one cannot discredit that the game’s exquisite graphics played a part.

Monopoly Live casino game is played in real-time and it’s broadcast live from a state-of-the-art studio. Upon launching the game, players feel like they have just entered one of those stunning brick-and-mortar casinos located along the Vegas Strip. This is necessitated by the fact that beyond the glass walls of the studio, lies a strip of magnificent high-rising buildings.

Inside the studio, the vertical wheel sits at the centre of the screen occupying much of the space. The host stands to the right side of the wheel and an animated Mr Monopoly sits on the sofa to the left side of the wheel. The bet layout table appears beneath the wheel.

  1. The first entails finding real money online casinos that offer the game. The good thing is that all casinos with live dealer sections powered by Evolution Gaming are guaranteed to offer the game
  2. Register an account or if you already have one, log in to access your account portal
  3. Navigate to the live dealer section and from there, search for the Monopoly Live Casino game
  4. Launch the game and start by selecting the preferred bet amount you want to wager with and proceed to place a bet on the bet option you prefer
  5. Once all bets are placed, wait for the host to spin the wheel
  6. When the wheel comes to a halt, depending on your bet, you can either win a payout, lose your wager or trigger any one of the incorporated bonus features.

Monetary Payout Odds

Monopoly Live casino game comes with a fixed RTP pegged at 96.23%. Inversely, this means the game’s house edge is pegged at 3.77%. These figures put the Monopoly Live casino game among the overall top-paying games in the gaming industry.

While there is a fixed RTP, players ought to note that the odds of winning differ depending on the type of bet placed. Betting on numeric values comes with low odds hence a greater chance of winning but relatively lower payouts churned out. Betting on bonus rounds comes with high odds but lower chances of turning out successful.

Monopoly Live Casino Game Bonus Features

There are three bonus features available when playing this game. However, players can only place bets for two, the other one triggers automatically depending on the bet placed and the turn of the wheel. The three bonus features are as follows:

  • Chance: This is the bonus feature which players can’t bet on. Rather, the feature triggers when players bet on any of the numeric values and after the wheel spin, it’s the ‘Chance’ segment that ends up highlighted. The ‘Chance’ card is in turn pulled out and it reveals a random multiplier value. Afterwards, players get a free wheel spin but they will stick with the same bet option as the initial bet they placed. If the player’s bet (numeric value) is successful this time around, the payout won is multiplied by the Chance card’s multiplier value before it is paid out.
  • 2 Rolls: A successful 2 rolls bet will activate the Monopoly bonus round which plays exactly like the Monopoly board game. The number of steps players take on the board game is determined by the roll of 2 dice.
  • 4 Rolls: A successful 4 rolls bet will activate the Monopoly bonus round which plays exactly like the Monopoly board game. The number of steps players take on the board game is determined by the roll of 4 dice.

Round Up

Monopoly Live casino game’s video stream comes in Full HD and is of the highest quality. The use of augmented reality brilliantly accentuates the live studio element thus making the game highly immersive. The added beauty of the game is that it’s a multi-platform game and hence can be enjoyed across a variety of platforms be it desktop or mobile. 

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100% First Deposit Bonus 1000 PHP

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