Top 3 Online Casino Payment Methods in the Philippines

top online casino payments in philippines

If you are a gambling enthusiast who often plays online casinos with real money, you must be careful about your payment method. There are several fund deposit and withdrawal options offered by online casinos in the Philippines. Skrill, Neteller, and GCash are three of the most reliable options Filipino players prefer.

Here, we will talk about Skrill, Neteller, and GCash and their features, advantages and disadvantages to give you an idea of the best payment method.

Skrill: Overview

Skrill is a popular and secure e-wallet launched in the UK in 2001. Previously known as Moneybookers, Skrill allows you to make monetary transactions securely over the internet to banks and other online platforms. Skrill stores your financial and other data in an encrypted format, making it a safe online payment system. It is one of the most popular payment methods trusted and accepted across online casinos in the Philippines.

Online Casino Deposit Method

Depositing money to an online casino using Skrill is a quick and simple process. Below are the steps you can follow to make a deposit:

1. Create an account on Skrill from its website.

2. Go to the “Cashier” section of the online casino of your choice.

3. Select Skrill from the options.

4. Enter the deposit amount.

Skrill accepts all credit and debit cards and charges a nominal fee of 1.9%. The transfer processing time is instant when debit/credit cards are used. If you wish to transfer money from Skrill to Gcash, you can still do it like a regular money transfer using the recipient’s Gcash mobile number and name. On the other hand, bank transfers have zero charges for payment transactions, but the process takes 2-5 business days.

Online Casino Withdrawal Method

Withdrawing funds from your online casino account using Skrill is as easy as depositing money. Simply visit the page from where you can withdraw your winnings and select Skrill from the options. Next, enter the amount you want to withdraw and wait for the casino to begin the process. Cashing out via Skrill is a quick and efficient process where your money is safely transferred to your bank account as soon as the casino approves the transaction. You can withdraw funds from online casinos only after your account has been verified.


Following are some of the many advantages of using Skrill for depositing and withdrawing funds from online casinos:

1. Encrypted financial data that make online monetary transactions completely secure.

2. Transaction time is swift. The deposit time from Skrill to your online casino account takes place immediately.

3. Skrill has exciting VIP programmes with multilevel special offers and promotions for their loyal customers.

4. Skrill accepts payments using 40 currencies and is available across 200 countries globally.

5. The round-the-clock customer support provides excellent service.


There are very few disadvantages of Skrill compared to the range of benefits. Following are some of the shortcomings of this payment system:

1. While almost all of the top and popular online casinos accept Skrill, not all of them accept it as a payment method.

2. You will need to pay a fee if you use credit/debit cards for Skrill. Only bank transfers have no charges.

Neteller: Overview

Neteller is another popular payment method among gamblers who want to avoid using credit cards or spending a long waiting period for bank transfers. Online gamblers also prefer Neteller in the Philippines for its anonymous and fast transaction facility. The company was created in 1999 and is now a part of the Paysafe Group. Neteller incorporates the latest security protocols and anti-scam tools to ensure a safe online payment system.

Online Casino Deposit Method

Neteller offers a speedy deposit method using encryption to protect your personal and financial information from fraud. You need to register an account with Neteller to start making deposits. To fund the e-wallet, you can use credit or debit cards. Once your e-wallet has money in it, you can use it to deposit in any online casino. Below is the step-by-step process:

1. Visit the “Cashier” section of the online casino.

2. Choose Neteller from the options.

3. Enter your 12-digit account ID and 6-digit secure ID.

4. Enter the amount you want to deposit, and you’re done.

Online Casino Withdrawal Method

Cashing out money from your casino account using Neteller is easy and quick. Following is a short guide:

1. Visit the “Withdrawal” section of the online casino.

2. Choose Neteller.

3. Enter the amount you want to cash out.

If you wish to withdraw money from Neteller to Gcash, you cannot do it directly; you should transfer funds to your bank account before transferring funds to your Gcash wallet.


Neteller is an e-wallet that lets you stay anonymous during online payments since you don’t need to enter personal banking information. Following are some of the major advantages of the Neteller payment method:

1. The best casinos accept Neteller across the world.

2. Extremely easy to use where you simply need to create an account at the Neteller site to begin depositing and withdrawing.

3. Neteller uses high-security measures and encrypted technology to secure your data and banking information.

4. Neteller accepts 26 currencies.


Like everything, Neteller also has its drawbacks. However, the disadvantages are negligent compared to the range of benefits offered by the payment method.

1. Neteller charges a high commission rate of 2.5% when you deposit money into the e-wallet account.

2. Some online casinos put a withdrawal limit using Neteller.

3. You may miss out on exciting promotions as some online casinos don’t offer special bonuses and rewards to Neteller users.

GCash: Overview

As more and more people are becoming wary of carrying cash, mobile wallets like GCash have become popular. GCash is an online payment method widely accepted by online casinos in the Philippines.

GCash functions similar to debit cards when you deposit money into your casino account. You simply need to download the app from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store and create and verify an account before starting to deposit or withdraw money from online casinos. If your account remains inactive for more than six months, GCash will charge a dormancy fee of 50 PHP.

Why Choose GCash as Your Payment Method?

Being a native Filipino app, GCash is a preferred payment method in the Philippines. Most gamblers feel safe using GCash in online casinos, and GCash applies nominal charges per transaction. Some of the other reasons why you can choose GCash are:

1. Monetary transaction to banks and mobile wallet is free. A flat rate is charged if you use MasterCard to withdraw cash from the ATM.

2. Money is transferred instantly to your online casino account.

3. It can be used to make daily transactions as the process is done via mobile devices.

4. GCash uses native Philippines currency exclusively and converts other currencies at the market rate, making it beneficial for Filipino gamblers.

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