What Are Perya Games?

Every Filipino has likely participated in the Perya Game, a popular pastime. Typically, it may be found at Perya games set up at the Philippine Carnival. Sometimes Perya occurs in the Philippines right before Holy Week. With numerous rides like swing rides, merry-go-rounds, and bumper cars, among others. Perya is comparable to an amusement facility.

Because Perya games will last for roughly a month, it is possible to think of them as temporary, limited-time forms of amusement.  After the event, the game itself will be entirely taken apart.

Additionally, Perya Games offers various entertaining booth diversions including balloon darts, bingo, the Piso game, basketball toss, Prize Wheels, and others. The game is frequently viewed as an assessment of luck, including both good and bad luck. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to recover the cash you lost playing the Challenge.

The Best Part Is the Perya Color Game

The game Perya without color is inadequate. It is comparable to a circus, an outdoor fair, or a night market with lots of game booths, food, and drink. The majority of Filipinos are adept at Perya games.

The Perya color game uses 3 dice. The 6 sides of the dice, which come in a variety of colors including white, blue, green, red, yellow, and pink are well known. As a result, these colors comprise the wagering range. Three cubes having identical colors on each side are present. The majority of game booths depend on such colors, while some may use alternative hues.

Once you are aware of the colors that are offered. You are now prepared to place a wager on the color game. Any hue that you anticipate appearing later can be chosen. The fun aspect is that the dice are going to fall after being hung on the colored playboard.

When you’re ready, you can pull the rope up on the wooden frame, which will cause the cubes to fall. If you wager on any of the combinations that appear, you’ll be eligible to win a prize.

You get a double amount of your profits if one of the colors you bet on appears. You win three times as much money if both of your bet’s colors show up. It is a quadruple if the color you bet on appears on all 3 dice. This serves as a factor in why many find the Perya color game to be so intriguing.

How Perya Games Have Transitioned to Online Play

Thinking you could get out and enjoy Perya games but being confined to your home because of the pandemic? You used to enjoy the excitement there, but you miss it now. Since Pandemic, online gaming has grown in popularity. Technology advancements have significantly altered online casinos.

It has become one of the most well-liked locations where individuals spend the majority of their free time. These games can be played online at home while wearing pajamas with no dressing up. Every day, a large number of gamers from various countries use online casinos to enjoy themselves.

Most popular Perya Games Played at Online Casinos

Below are examples of these online Perya games. They include:

E Bingo

E Bingo is among the prominent Perya games. Listed below are E Bingo rules.

Rules for E Bingo Game

  • Each bingo game allows for the purchase of 1–16 cards; the more you buy, the better your chances of winning.
  • Any pay line that you complete in the chart will result in the associated compensation.
  • The reward with the greatest odds will be awarded once the prize line has been entirely covered by an award line that has greater odds.
  • Based on the cost per unit of the bingo card, the odds of winning are computed.
  • If there are enough ready hands and money after the first 30 spheres have been performed, more balls may be purchased.
  • You can buy up to nine extra balls, and the price of each purchase is determined by the total amount of cash in your ready hands.

Lucky Color Game

You can select your lucky hue and earn big. Playing at the genuine Perya would be just as much of a difference as enjoying the Perya Color Game. Three dice are going to be roped after the Bet period has ended and the game has started.

Based on how frequently particular colors have appeared, the odds are computed and payouts are made. We provide better chances.

For each game, a set of three identically colored dice will be used. The player will activate the LUCKY BINGO if the colors of their Bet match the correct colors and the intended combination emerges.

Based on how frequently certain colors have been shown, the odds are computed and awarded out.

Crazy Time Game

Crazy Time game, which is as straightforward as playing a color game on Perya. It is perfect for players who detest lengthy rule lists. This is a live game, so you don’t need to be concerned about any fraud. You’ll spot a figure standing close to a huge rotating wheel.

A big 54-segment vertical wheel is used in the entertaining game show Crazy Time, which is a variant of the well-known cash wheel game of chance. Furthermore, each time the wheel is spun, a multiplier will be chosen at random.

The goal of this game is to guess which segment the wheel will stop at when it comes to a stop after spinning. Crazy Time also includes incredible Bonus games that will provide you with multipliers.


People like to gamble for a variety of motives. Others just like the pleasure of placing bets on various outcomes. On the other hand, some find the gambling-related adrenaline rush to be addictive. Moreover, other individuals believe that gaming assist them relax, especially after a difficult day. And finally, a lot of people merely take pleasure in the rush of earning money.

You can play any Perya game you desire including, E-Bingo, Perya games, card games, and more. On the other hand, you may also enjoy these games on gaming websites online. These games can transport you back to your youth while also allowing you to make money

You remember playing all of the Perya games from your youth, so you are somewhat familiar with their guidelines. Certain little games will have additional regulations to boost your chances of winning. When you select the game, you are also savoring the pleasure it gives you.

Whether you’re relaxing or travelling casinos have made it simple to play Perya games online.